May 2022 - Two Students Awarded Scholarship Support

Shafin Anika and Luis Ramos Garcia, 2022 graduates of Unity Reed High School in Manassas, Virginia, were each awarded scholarship funds, rounding out their college tuition to Old Dominion University and University of Virginia, respectively.

christopher consultants Scholarship Selection Committee member, Kevin Washington, VP Urban Land said, “Shafin Anika demonstrated, through her impressive GPA, that she has the diligence, perseverance and self-discipline to excel at college-level curriculum, while her chosen coursework and extra-curricular pursuits showed us that she has a genuine interest in a career in civil engineering.”

Regarding Luis, Ali Downes, Senior Director of Human Resources and Scholarship Selection Committee said, “He is a remarkable young man who clearly has a love of learning, a passion for innovation and a dedication to continuing to challenge himself. He stands out as one of only 20 students at Unity Reed to complete the IB diploma. We were impressed.”