Ski Resort at Snowshoe

1984 - Silver Creek, WV (Snowshoe)

Silver Creek Lodge, West Virginia opened in 1984 and operated as a stand-alone ski resort until its purchase by Snowshoe Mountain in the mid-1990’s. christopher was brought into the project when Lowe Enterprises was hired to manage the construction of the project and they needed us to perform review of the construction progress and suitability of the contractor’s draw requests.

“I traveled to the site at least once a month to review progress to report back to Lowe. The project was complex as it required the installation of all the basic utilities: a water supply and system, a sewer treatment plant, an electrical supply and of course access and the hotel and ski runs. However, the biggest challenge was trying to get to the site and back especially in the middle of winter. I ended up chartering planes for many of the visits and landing in Elkins, West VA in the middle of winter can be a challenge all its own!”

Chris Brown, Founder, christopher consultants, Ltd.