1988 - Geico Headquarters, Stafford Lakes

The current GEICO Corporate Headquarters, located just north of Fredericksburg, VA, was originally a large regional office building in the (then) very vacant and somewhat remote Stafford Lakes project.

Before it was built, the large site in Stafford County was acquired by Buvermo, a Dutch firm that was a client of ours, having engaged us to do the industrial park at the Rte. 28 and Rte. 50 intersection in Fairfax County. The president, Harrison Whenner, sold a large parcel, at the front of the project to JBG to develop for the GEICO HQ to get the project kick started.

We were then engaged to perform the entitlements, surveying, the sewer lines and all the site plans.  Eric Webb, a VP with us at the time, led the work on the project.