September 1982 - Chris Brown, PE, Opens christopher consultants

“My vision when opening christopher consultants was to have a small, highly competent and tight-knit company where all would feel part of a family and be committed to quality products and service. A company where all the staff could fit in a van and go eat crabs together – nothing bigger. That of course did not happen. A former co-worker of mine had predicted ‘your clients will not allow you to stay small’ and he was right!

Our historic first office building is still there today at the corner of Main Street and Old Lee Highway in the City of Fairfax. Back then it was the private residence of Judge Rothrock. His family had moved out and the house was going to be turned into offices. In the interim the agent handling it, Rick Dixson, a friend, offered me the use of the basement office complete with a desk and a working phone. This was a great boon for me just starting. The house was empty and I was alone with no one but the chipmunk that scurried around the big tree in the back. My first official client was Stan Asreal from Alexandria Scrap who somehow found me at the Rothrock building and my first full time employee was Tony Polk.”


Chris Brown, Founder of christopher consultants