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Our planning team collaborates with our other departments to provide a full range of services for a variety of planned and existing project types from residential to industrial and everything in between.

Sustainable & Innovative Design Solutions

christopher’s planning portfolio emphasizes innovative, practical and aesthetically pleasing design solutions to achieve user needs, while addressing environmental concerns and keeping the project on time and within budget. Our team brings a unique balance of creativity, technical skills, understanding of client needs and expertise in regulatory requirements that keeps clients coming back to us time and again.

Partnering with Experts, Internally & Externally

Our team of licensed professionals and accredited staff are experts in all stages of the design process, from initial concept planning through to final site plan design. Our projects require collaboration between our planners, landscape architects and arborists, as well as internally with christopher consultants’ engineering and survey divisions. We also communicate early, often and effectively with our clients to establish an assurance that the project will meet their expectations on every level – from jurisdictional approval, to practical engineering and sustainable site development.

christopher consultants’ planners are not just creating plans; we are laying the foundations for people, communities and the environment for years to come.