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U.S. Department of State New MSGR – Brazzaville, Congo


christopher consultants was part of a multi-discipline team for the design of a building addition to the existing utility building on the site of the U.S. Embassy in Brazzaville, Congo. Design included relocation of the storm drain line, city water line, well water line, electrical and communications duct banks, redesign of a new fire water line and domestic water line connections to the existing Utility Building. Our team oversaw hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of entire compound under a modification issued to analyze existing compound flooding conditions and possible solutions. Designed new underground detention system and retrofit of existing pond to resolve flooding issues and meet allowable discharge requirements.

christopher provided work to Arkel International LLC, KCCT, and the U.S. Department of State Overseas Building Operations (OBO). christopher has worked for OBO at several international locations including Luxembourg and Costa Rica.