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Town of Leesburg Engineering and Surveying Services Task Order Contract

Loudoun County, VA

Town of Leesburg

christopher has provided comprehensive engineering and surveying services to the Town of Leesburg for over twenty years through multiple, consecutively awarded open-end contracts. Our current contract is ongoing.

Projects under this contract include the following:

Liberty Street Drainage: Performed a drainage study to evaluate where the inlet water is ponding into the street, overtopping the curb and flowing into yards. christopher’s scope of work includes field surveys of the inlet and pipe locations, inverts and the storm sewer; a drainage study including five improvement options and underground utility locating, as needed.

Monroe Street and Madison Court SE Road Improvement Study: christopher is performing a road improvement study to define alternate concepts for the proposed sidewalk and road improvements for Monroe Street to include new curb and gutter, sidewalk, extended drainage system, stormwater, street parking and ADA sidewalks.

Downtown Parking Study: christopher, along with Wells & Associates, prepared a parking study for the Town of Leesburg that examined if existing residential and non-residential parking rations could be reduced and still assure parking supply would meet demand.

Downtown Alley – 3 and 5 South King Street: christopher is providing civil engineering and surveying services for improvements to the alley and drainage between South King Street and 3A South King Street. Project efforts include removal and replacement of current pavement, installation of a new stormpipe to tie drainage to the storm system on South King Street, tying existing drains into the new storm system and additional site improvements. Project efforts also included a conceptual engineering plan, surveying, site planning and easement plats.

Plaza Street Police Station Feasibility Study: christopher provided site layout coordination and engineering issue review in the areas of possible building expansions in coordination with the project architect’s feasibility study.

Woodberry Road Drainage Improvements: christopher provided civil engineering and land surveying services in the preparation of construction plans for the design and construction of street improvements, including curb and gutter, sidewalk and storm drainage to improve road drainage and pedestrian access.

North East Leesburg Traffic Study: Provided traffic analysis for opening Catoctin Circle after completion of Lowenbach Phase I improvements.