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Oakwood Senior Housing Development

Fairfax County, VA

christopher is providing civil engineering, surveying, land planning and entitlement services for the Oakwood project in Fairfax County as part of a public-private partnership with the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing and the Fairfax County Housing and Redevelopment Authority. The six-acre property is currently occupied by a stormwater management pond and is being redeveloped with a three story, 150 unit senior affordable apartment building.


Project efforts to date have included site evaluation studies and due diligence analysis, conceptual engineering design, stormwater management design, stormwater outfall analysis and community meeting support services during the entitlement process. The site plan was approved in October 2021 and the site is currently under construction.


christopher has faced several challenges on the site. The existing stormwater management pond on the site provides controls for offsite areas and was designed a number of years ago under outdated standards. The facility is to be replaced with underground facilities meeting current standards and providing much more environmentally friendly standards.


Sensitivity of the project to the adjacent residential development has also been a concern. Layout and building changes have been made to increase the distance from the property line; arborist and landscape design services have been provided to analyze the condition of the existing trees on the property and provide additional landscaping to buffer the development from the residences.