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Nottaway Park

Fairfax County, VA

christopher consultants provided civil engineering and surveying services for the conversion of a grass rectangular field at Nottoway Park to an enlarged, reoriented artificial surface rectangular field for football, soccer and lacrosse use.

christopher worked out an innovative solution to BMP using LID practices. Water quality requirements were met by the design of the field section in accordance with standards and specifications for permeable pavement, and additional bioretention facility to account for adjacent impermeable walkways and spectator areas.

Water quantity control and adequate outfall criteria were met by constructing a stone gallery below one corner of the field to provide additional storage.

An accessible walkway was also designed from the existing parking lot to the field and connection to other trails within the park. Lighting design and geotechnical work were completed by a subconsultant.

christopher has held a term contract with the Fairfax County Park Authority for ten years and has completed over 80 task orders. Other projects completed under this contract include the Lake Fairfax Park Marina, the Gerry Connolly Cross Country Trail at Wakefield Park, and Monticello Park.