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Monticello Park

Fairfax County, VA

christopher, through a term contract with Fairfax County Park Authority, led the design effort for an off-leash dog park, fitness challenge course, multi-use space, parking, accessible trails and stormwater management at Monticello Park. Final Contract Drawings also accounted for a future skate park which was not included in the construction budget. Stormwater management for quality and quantity control was provided in six planted bioretention facilities located along the meandering trail. christopher provided civil engineering design, topographic and boundary surveying and platting, landscape architecture and construction administration services.

The 9-acre site had been used by the Park Authority as multi-use open space with a gravel parking lot. The site is surrounded by residential property and the redevelopment of the site involved coordination with the community. The preliminary phase included public outreach to determine amenities to be included as part of Monticello Park.

During deed research, christopher discovered that the site was actually part of VDOT right-of-way. christopher prepared the plat for the transfer of land to the Park Authority. The scope also included erosion and sediment control plans, stormwater permitting, and VDOT permitting for an improved entrance and accessible crossing at an adjacent signalized intersection.

christopher has held a term contract with the Fairfax County Park Authority for ten years and has completed over 80 task orders. Other projects completed under this contract include the Lake Fairfax Park Marina, the Gerry Connolly Cross Country Trail at Wakefield Park, and Nottaway Park.