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Loudoun Water Professional Civil Engineering and Surveying Services BOA

Loudoun County, VA

christopher is providing civil engineering and surveying services under a BOA to Loudoun Water. Projects include plan review of new water and sewer facilities, the replacement of Courtland Farms Sanitary Forcemain and building evaluations.

As part of the expanded scope of work under the existing task order contract, christopher is providing environmental services related to wetland permitting. Work includes wetland mapping and surveying, jurisdictional determination, obtaining Nationwide #12 utility permit and a Nationwide #3 permit for maintenance from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Projects under this BOA include:

Connecting Courtland Rural Village to Central Wastewater Forcemain (from Creighton Farm Golf Course to River Highlands Court): Over 7,000 LF of sanity forcemain was designed through tight constraints. The pipe had to go through front yards of high end neighborhoods, well and drainfield constraints and underground utilities. Tasks included forcemain easement plats, VSMP and grading permits, topography and surveys.

Courtland Replacement (WRF Facility to Holding Pond): Designed over 4,000 LF of sanitary forcemain. Tasks included directional drill 20 feet below Goose Creek, replaced sanitary forcemain, VSMP and grading permits.

Loudoun Water Gloucester Entrance Site Plan Amendment: Reconfigured the parking area and landscaping to accommodate the new entrance off Gloucester Parkway. Tasks included over 1,000 LF of 6-inch reclaimed water line, zoning permit application for new sign at Gloucester entrance, VSMP and grading permit, topography and surveys.

Raspberry Water Reclamation Facility: Individual lot grading plan for a 20′ x 20′ storage building. Tasks included topography and surveys.

Loudoun Water Hampshire Park: Prepared waterline easement exhibit for future waterline connection from Smith Switch Road to across the W&OD Trail. Tasks included topography and surveys.

Loudoun Water Beacon Hill Well Lot H: Prepared an overlot grading plan. Designed over 800 feet of road for well lot access. Tight constraints with adjacent private property existing drainfield. Tasks included replacement of approximately 100 feet of 6-inch waterline, VSMP and grading permits, topography and surveys.

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