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Locust Shade Park

Prince William County, VA

The 8-acre pond at Prince William’s Locust Shade Park provides opportunities for fishing, boating and hiking. Under our term contract christopher was engaged by Prince William County Department of Parks and Recreation to evaluate the Locust Shade Park Dam in response to a letter issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation for non-compliance with the Virginia Impounding Structure Regulations.

christopher reviewed available mapping and plans to verify that the dam was in fact regulated by the state based on size and impoundment capacity. christopher then prepared a topographic survey of the pond perimeter and dam embankment, a bathymetric survey of the pond, and cross-section survey of the downstream area. Surveyed information and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling were used to prepare a dam break inundation study and mapping in accordance with the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board Guidance Document on Dam Break Inundation Zone and Incremental Damage Analysis and Mapping Procedures. Using the results of our hazard classification study and inundation study christopher developed an Emergency Action Plan and an Operations and Maintenance Plan. We prepared a site plan, grading plan, tree removal plan, erosion and sediment control plan and construction documents for the renovation of the spillway and embankment to meet state dam standards. Following construction, we performed a dam inspection, completed the necessary reports and applications, and worked with DCR representatives to secure the Operation and Maintenance Certificate from the Commonwealth of Virginia.