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James Long Park – Water Main and Sewer Extension

Prince William County, VA

christopher worked with Prince William County Park Authority to determine alignments for the extension of public water and sanitary sewer for service to the existing park facilities-library, maintenance building, concession building, restroom building and future restroom building. christopher performed topographic survey for the areas of development and prepared the preliminary design and a water model for the 6,000 plus feet of waterline. The water model results allowed for the deletion of a proposed offsite connection and 1800 feet of waterline. christopher prepared a Public Utilities Plan for the 4,200 plus feet of public water main and service connections, and processed through Prince William County and Prince William County Service Authority for plan approval and permitting.

christopher prepared applications and coordinated with VDOT for permitting of the 120 foot long bore and jack installation under Route 15. christopher prepared a preliminary design of 1652 feet of gravity sewer and 1895 feet of sanitary force main to serve the same facilities, but the sewer was deleted in value engineering. christopher prepared easement plats for recordation of the public water easements and as-built record drawings upon completion of construction. christopher performed survey stake-out and construction administration services throughout the construction process.