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Haiti School Project


christopher consultants donated planning, design and surveying services for this Haiti school and playground for the TeacHaiti School of Hope. Following the design of the playground, christopher donated materials and sent volunteers, including christopher’s president William R. Zink, P.E., to Haiti to build the playground.

The design of the playground consisted of swings, slides and monkey bars. Planning the playground was challenging due to the steep terrain and poor soil conditions. During the building of the playground and Haiti school site, the volunteers also educated the school employees on how to properly use power tools and about the construction of the playground, skills they could use for future endeavors.

The TeacHaiti School of Hope is a privately funded charter school that serves 300 children from the local community and provides them with one square meal a day. As 80 percent of schools in Haiti are private, many children are not able to afford to attend school. The TeacHaiti School of Hope allows children who would otherwise not attend school to receive an education. Visit to learn more about this organization.