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George Mason University Term Contract

Fairfax County, VA

christopher held a term contract for ten years to provide civil engineering, surveying, stormwater management and environmental support services for George Mason University (Mason) at their Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun and Prince William Campuses. christopher has completed nearly 300 projects for Mason, including conducting storm sewer inventory and providing repair services; providing master stormwater management (SWM) and best management practices (BMP) planning services; and location surveys for buildings, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, waterlines, power lines and communication cables.

Over the course of 300 projects at George Mason University, christopher only had to submit three change orders. Each project began with a schedule agreement with Mason, and each project was delivered on time.

Projects included:

  • Stormwater Master Plan: Developed the Fairfax East Campus Stormwater Master Plan based on 2014 Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) and Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) requirements, new TMDL requirements and Mason’s MS4 permit. Work included inspection, documentation and evaluation of existing SWM facilities and evaluation of opportunities to retrofit existing facilities to comply with current regulations. christopher developed a “Pond Inspection” form to catalog and gather data of each facilities’ condition. Public involvement on this project included citizen’s information meetings, outreach, education and development of web-based materials for future campus projects.
  • Aquia River Lane Improvement Project: Provided civil design, utility location and surveying services for Aquia River Lane improvement project. Project efforts included utility relocation, site grading, ADA accessibility, utility coordination, utility mapping, topographic survey, parking studies, stormwater enhancement, erosion and sediment control and site lighting.
  • Rivanna River Way SWM Retrofit: Evaluation of an existing dry basin for conversion to meet current VSMP BMP Clearing House Standards. Evaluation included outfall modification, soil remediation and summary of impacts to adjacent building and utilities. Associated construction requirements and cost and benefits, including long term maintenance requirements, were evaluated against benefits of improving compliance with MS4 future obligations.
  • Mapping and 3D Modeling: As part of our asset management services for Mason, christopher conducted specialized utility and storm sewer mapping of the Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington Campuses. Project efforts included topographic surveys, mapping of wet and dry utility, mapping of storm sewer systems, and mapping of wet pond data, including bathymetric data. christopher created 3D modeling of utilities, storm drain systems and wet ponds in AutoCAD 3D, as well as a 3D utility model that created a wet and dry utility as-built map.
Facts & Results

Over the course of 300 task projects, christopher only submitted 3 change orders.