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Fairfax County Land Surveying BOA

Fairfax County, VA

christopher provided land surveying services as part of a BOA to Fairfax County Utilities, Design and Construction Division of the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services. The scope of services includes a full range of surveying services including topographic, boundary, bathymetric and as-built surveys, as well as conventional and GPS surveying, photogrammetry and ground-based laser surveying. Each of christopher’s task orders have been completed on time and on budget, with no change orders. Specific task orders have included:

Backlick Road – Topographic and property surveys in addition to a traditional right-of-way survey. This project included an in-depth storm sewer as-built. The information christopher found had not been uncovered in decades.

Route 1 at Quander Road and Fairhaven Avenue – Topographic survey along approximately 1.3 acres of Route 1. Scope included property owner information, trees 8” or greater, as-builts, and all existing easements.

Memorial Street at Donora Dr – Topographic survey for approx. 1.2 acres along the road corridors.

South Van Dorn Street – Topographic survey for design of pedestrian and bicycle safety enhancements. The survey corridor measured approximately 14 acres along the road corridor.

Sunset Hills Road Parkway – Topographic and property survey for the 6.5 acres along Sunset Hills road. christopher surveyed the roadway as well as two associated stormwater management ponds and drainage outfall to the pond past the W&OD Trail.

Richmond Highway/Route 1 – Topographic survey

Fleet Drive – Topographic survey along 2.6 acres of roadway and provided detailed as-builts for 4 potential storm sewer outfall structures.

Edsall Road – Topographic and property survey of 2.7 acres to provide a base sheet suitable for design of a future walkway. Project efforts included collection of topographic data, property owner information, trees 12” or greater, as-builts, stream cross sections and existing easements.