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Catharpin Recreational Park

Prince William County, VA

christopher consultants performed site planning, topography, stormwater management and road design work for Catharpin Park, a 100-acre park in Prince William County which will include five softball/baseball fields, six soccer/football fields, trails and concessions. christopher prepared roadway widening and turn lane plans along Sudley Road (State Route 234) which have recently been constructed. christopher designed the storm water management/irrigation pond, sanitary pump house and parking areas.

christopher also prepared the plans that expand the parking lot, revise the soccer field locations and provide lighting and irrigation for the site. A striping/signage plan and Maintenance of Traffic plan for the Sudley Road improvements have been prepared in accordance with VDOT requirements for use by a sub-contractor. The park received funding for the frontage improvements, the park access road, and trail through VDOT park facility access grants.

The work performed on the project by christopher includes coordination with sub-consultants for wetlands permits, geotechnical work, irrigation design and lighting/utility design. Considerable coordination has also been required with Verizon, NOVEC and Dominion Gas due to the need to relocate existing utilities along the road frontage. christopher has also been responsible for working with VDOT, the Prince William County Department of Transportation and the Prince William County Purchasing Office on the construction bid process as we have been responsible for preparing cost estimates, bid packages and obtaining permits for the Route 234 road widening and access road.

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