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Camp Shield – Baghdad, Iraq


Camp Shield involved the construction of temporary containerized housing units and supporting buildings necessary to establish life support and training facilities in Baghdad, Iraq. The site, approximately 26 acres, is a United States Forces-Iraq Military Compound. The project included housing pods, perimeter facilities, dining, offices, morale-welfare recreation facility, gym/medical facility, and other support items. The core of the project involved installing government-furnished containerized housing units (CHU) in groups called pods, and erecting an overhead protective cover (OPC) system above them. The CHU pods also have infrastructure for potable and waste water, fire protection, telecom and cable television.

christopher performed a peer review of the Design Development and Construction drawings, documents, reports and specifications of the site for acceptance by the Government, and to ensure that the drawings and specifications were prepared in accordance with the Standard Embassy Design (SED) specifications and IZC & OBO ICS. Services also included reviewing shop drawings and submittals and providing support during construction.