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Burke Lake Park Golf Clubhouse

Fairfax County, VA

As part of the Hughes Group Architects team, christopher prepared a topographic survey and comprehensive site plan for the construction of the Burke Lake Park Golf Clubhouse and new driving range structure, as well as demolition of the existing clubhouse. The site plan and construction were phased along with the sanitary sewer plan to provide for no interruption of utility services to the existing clubhouse, allowing the facility to remain operational during construction. Meetings were held for community input where it was decided that preservation of existing large trees within the project area was critical. The proposed driving range was located and graded to buffer the tree preservation area, and the adjacent walkway and short retaining wall were constructed of permeable pavement to minimize impacts. Proposed parking was installed using porous asphalt in the first phase of construction so that existing pavement near the driving range could be used for staging and construction to minimize limits of disturbance. Stormwater management measures were retrofit into the existing parking lot to meet quality control, detention and adequate outfall regulations while minimizing site impacts and limits of disturbance. Phasing allowed the driving range to open for business upon completion while the new clubhouse was still under construction, and the existing clubhouse remained open and was not demolished until after the new clubhouse was occupied.