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3D Scanning at King Street Metro

Alexandria, VA

By providing 3D Scanning at King Street Metro, the christopher survey team provided a unique solution to a client’s problem. During the development of future planning at the active metro station, there was a need to provide accurate drawings of the interior of the station. The problem was that traditional mapping of the interior of the facility would potentially take several days and impact the high levels of pedestrian traffic, which both WMATA and our client wanted to avoid.

All design teams have experienced it: a well laid-out plan that is carried out in part until an impact unaccounted for changes the entire design. Costly impacts of re-surveying in time and money have a significant impact on a schedule, which was experienced during the King Street Metro survey.

christopher provided full interior space 3D scanning at King Street, to include capture and modeling. While modeling within the subject limits was very important and carried out within several hours, when the design changed the location of the proposed improvements, the overlap and additional data collected by the 3D scanner was critical. The survey field team did not have to return to the site and the captured data during the initial mobilization was utilized to map additional parts of the interior facility causing little to no time impact.

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