Our Vision

The work we do changes the surface of the Earth every day; the engineering, surveying, planning and landscape architecture services transform our landscape. We have a responsibility to make a positive change and we take that responsibility very seriously. With every project we design, every plan and every survey, we strive to leave our communities better than we found them.

Our Mission

For the last 40 years, our vision of building better communities has been supported by our mission to provide superior engineering services to the communities we serve through innovative design, technical expertise and strong relationships.

Innovative Design
As technology advances, so do we. Our engineering, survey and planning & landscape architecture teams all employ the latest instruments, tools and methodologies and continue to stay informed of advancements in our disciplines that enable us to provide the most innovative solutions to our clients.

Technical Expertise
At our core we are a civil engineers. However, as we have grown, so have our in-house capabilities. We are now a dynamic team of professional engineers, licensed surveyors, planners, registered landscape architects and certified arborists with very specific education and experience that give us the technical expertise we bring to every project.

Strong Relationships
Over the last 40 years, our most significant success has come from the relationships we have built and nurtured. From our clients, to our partners, employees and the greater community, our relationships are our most valuable asset and we prioritize strong partnerships above all else.

Technologies improve and jurisdictional priorities change but our overall success can be attributed to our commitment to our vision and mission.

Our Priorities