One of every five injuries in the workplace is a back injury according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 80% of these are related to manual tasks that involve lifting or similar activities.

Issues often arise when an employee is uneducated on proper lifting procedures or when an office employee remains in a seated position for an extended amount of time.

Our Risk Management Team recently provided christopher staff with important information to prevent workplace back injury including:

  • a checklist titled, “Can You Actually Lift It?” encouraging people to run through a mental checklist including estimating distance, height and capability to ensure safety before endeavoring to lift an object
  • instructions on how to properly lift items in excess of 25 lbs. including appropriate placement of the feet, bending the knees, using proper posture, and more
  • suggestions for improving core strength and stability
  • guidance on what to do when an injury occurs

Employee health and well-being was considered when christopher purchased standing desks for our new Fairfax office. These are helpful in preventing back issues that stem from sedentary tasks.

Making information and guidance available to help keep every employee healthy and comfortable is an important part of the role of our Risk Management team.

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