This spring, christopher focused on enhancing and refining the scope of our safety program by introducing a Risk Management Team.

From contract review and data integrity to overall company safety protocols, christopher has always made a concerted effort to address and mitigate company risk.  But in recent years, these efforts have become increasingly important.  Why?  How our industry deals with risk changes over time, and only by aggressively assessing and managing these risks will we be able to continue achieving our goal of providing stability and growth for our employee and our clients.

Our new Risk Management team led by Jessica Harrison, Risk Manager, focuses on four major areas: Contracts, Safety, Data Integrity and Insurance Compliance. Each of these areas have processes and procedures that all christopher employees follow to ensure positive outcomes.

Mitigating risk, in all its forms, requires true commitment from every christopher employee and our Risk Management Team provides the expertise and guidance to keep our safety protocols current. To that end, the team regularly distributes relevant, timely and specific Risk Management content called “Take 5 for Safety” to all employees.