Construction has progressed tremendously since our last update on Oakwood Senior Residences in Fairfax County, VA!

Oakwood is part of a public-private partnership with the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) and the Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA). The six-acre property was previously occupied by a stormwater management pond and is being redeveloped with a four story, 150-unit senior affordable apartment building.

christopher Project Manager & Associate, Eric Bogumil, has had his hands on the project since the beginning. Eric says “We’ve been working on the project since 2017 – it’s been great to watch it go from the entitlement, to the site plan, and now the construction phase. APAH has been a great steward of development and DAVIS Construction has been a great collaborator as well.

christopher’s multidisciplinary capabilities have proven helpful in many aspects of the project, including survey stakeout and when the need for arborist services arose. christopher Landscape Architect & Associate, Laurie Beth Donnachie and team have incorporated an invasive species management plan and site monitoring on the property. This includes monthly site visits to report any invasive species that may be growing on the trees or ground and reporting back to the general contractor (Davis Construction). The neighboring properties have also been interested in these results, and our team has coordinated with them on a number of items, especially trees that are near/on the adjacent properties. She ensures the health of the trees and advises treatment or removal.

The site plan was approved in October 2021 and the site is currently under construction, with an expected completion date of Summer 2023. Progress photos from our site visit in March 2022 can be seen below:

These storm tech chambers are manufactured by Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS). These photos show the process of backfilling the facility with crushed stone. This is all based on christopher’s plan specifications.

This is another ADS-manufactured water quality treatment device. Referred to as a “Bayfilter,” named after the Chesapeake Bay. After water goes through the large yellow facility, it’ll trickle through cartridges in the Bayfilter, which cleans it and then goes out to the public.

This is the waterproofing of the foundation before they actually pour it. We don’t have much to do with this – we just wanted to show off what a fantastic job Grimm + Parker Architects did.

Though unfortunately already backfilled and covered, there’s another underground stormwater facility in this location. This treats our site, as well as some offsite flow that was flowing onto our site before the development. Because there was already an existing surface pond treating offsite flow, we needed to relocate that as part of our development while also treating our own development – two birds, one stone.