Connecting with… Ali Downes!

What was your favorite project to work on and why?

Wow, this is a tough one. If I had to pick, it would be the Hub/Bucketlist roll out for the company. It was so wonderful to work with such a talented team and to be able to bring a recognition platform everyone can use to celebrate our successes.

Name: Ali Downes
Title: Sr. Director of Human Resources
Started at christopher: August, 2020
Hometown: Indiana, PA
Alma Mater: James Madison University – GO DUKES!!
What was your very first job?: Bank Teller
Favorite vacation destination: Italy! I would visit every year if I could
What energizes you outside of work?: My family, running races and traveling
On Saturday you can find me: In my current stage of life, you will find me driving all over NoVA from sport to sport with my kiddos.
What is your favorite thing about working at christopher?
Hands down – the people!

What company event do you enjoy the most?
This is also a tough question to answer because I joined the firm in the middle of COVID. I will say we have done a great job staying connected over Teams with training, celebrations, town halls and happy hours.

Name one mistake you made early in your career, and how did you learn from it? I didn’t take control of my career early enough. The sooner you take control, the better the outcome in the long run.