Connecting with… Kevin Washington

Kevin and his family on vacation

Name: Kevin M. Washington
Title: Vice President, Urban Land
Started at christopher: May 1995 (for the second time – more on that below!)
Hometown: Port Arthur, Texas
Alma Mater: Prairie View A&M University
Very first job: High School Teacher in Port Arthur
Favorite vacation destination: Florida
What energizes you outside of work: Cooking and relaxing
If I had three wishes: Good health, travel overseas and grandkids one day
If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life: Seafood/Cajun food  
On Saturday you can find me:
Spending time with my family and pre-covid taking our son to various basketball camps, swimming, haircuts, etc.

Kevin’s life at christopher

Before covid Kevin enjoyed spending time at his son’s basketball games

Name a project you have enjoyed working on and why?
ANSWER: There are so many cool projects I have worked on over the years and most of them have been in Alexandria, but I would have to say Potomac Yard. christopher first started working at Potomac Yard in 1988 and it has been amazing to see how this ~ 200-acre site has developed over the years to where it is today. What a transformation of the site from an active rail yard to a multi-phased mixed-use development. One of the coolest projects I have worked on at Potomac Yard was the underground/micro-tunneling of approximately 2 miles of 30” sanitary sewer from the site through Old Town Alexandria to the wastewater treatment. The longevity of the project has been great for my personal growth and the growth of the company, and we hope to still be working on the project for another 10 to 15 years.

Tell us about your role and how it plays into your team.
ANSWER: My role is to lead the Urban Division so that we can have successful and profitable projects, develop strong relationships with clients, help team members achieve their desired growth with the company and as an engineer and share my knowledge and experience with the team.

What is one thing you want everyone to know about working at christopher?
ANSWER: It is a wonderful place to work and you have an opportunity to grow with the company. Over the years the leadership team has given me an opportunity to grow into the position I am in today and as a person.

What company event are you most looking forward to being able to attend again one day?
ANSWER: The Annual Awards Banquet   

What is a mistake you made early on in your career, and how did you learn from it?
ANSWER: Leaving the company early on in my career before returning in 1995.  “Pastures are not always greener on the other side of the fence”


Kevin with Bill Zink at Kevin’s favorite christopher event – the Annual Awards – in 2016

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