christopher consulants has been awarded First Place in Topographic Maps by the Virginia Association of Surveyors.

In the summer of 2019, christopher was approached by RS&H for surveying services at the City of Manassas Regional Airport, the largest general aviation airport in Virginia. The survey would include a topographic survey component for the 16R/34L Runway. This survey data will be used by RS&H in order to prepare a site plan that proposes to rehabilitate and improve the existing runway. In October of 2019, christopher’s survey team, led by Bill Bradford, LSIT, was on the job performing the survey.

Being an active runway, this site presented unique challenges:

The first major challenge was site access. The only way to perform this survey was to have the airport shut down the runway. Naturally, the airport wanted to limit the amount of downtime for the runway and coordinated our dates and times of access. This meant the field crews had to hit the ground running. In all, the crews only had five days to complete roughly 43 acres of topography. In addition, any movement by surveying staff members to chase an outfall required an escort to notify the tower of their intentions. In some instances, it could take twenty minutes just to traverse the taxiways to locate one outfall.

The second challenge was size. Forty-three acres of topography in five days meant all surveying staff on site needed to obtain topographic data. Most days, four surveyors were on site, each collecting their own data.

christopher is proud to have won first place in topographic maps for this project from the Virginia Association of Surveyors (VAS). The winning plat was created through a full team effort comprising our experience, discipline knowledge and hard work. The team of Bill Bradford, Matt Smith, Conor Furey, Max Carmouche, Trey Barkley and Kerry Skinner, LS, delivered with confidence.

Our map is now at the national level contending with the country’s best in the National Society of Professional Surveyors 2021 Map/Plat Design Competition.