The Latest (and Smallest) Addition to our Fleet

christopher’s survey team has added a Seafloor Hydrone to our fleet of survey vehicles to navigate creeks, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. The new RCV (remote-controlled vehicle) boat complements our aquatic fleet including a 19-foot john boat and various kayaks used for acquiring bathymetric survey information. This 3.5-foot pontoon boat will allow our surveyors to safely access water bodies that are inaccessible by our other boats and allow autonomous and remote-controlled operation. Additionally, it allows crews to control the acquisition of data internally even better. The RCV boat is equipped with a dual frequency single beam sonar that collects elevations at both the top of sediment and the underlying sea floor.

The Hydrone in Action

The RCV boat is already being put into action at our Annapolis Naval Academy King Street Bridge project. christopher’s survey team is utilizing the bathymetric data obtained to assist Burns & McDonnell in preparing conceptual layout plans for a new utility bridge crossing over College Creek. The RCV will provide the acquisition of underwater terrain easier with the mobility of the vessel in shallow and deep waters. Additionally, the autonomous programing available to the RCV will allow for precise mapping of large water bodies without the need for manually operating the vessel.

The Benefit to You!

Utilizing the RCV boat helps us deliver the end product to our clients quicker while adding no additional fees to your project. We will continue to deploy the new instrument throughout the winter so long as the body of water is not frozen. Reach out to our RCV boat Subject Matter Expert, Tom Venetsanos, at to discuss your project needs.