Whether sitting or standing at a desk, office workers benefit from engaging in short desk stretches throughout the day. These simple stretches can help prevent lower back pain, weak muscles, obesity, high blood pressure and other health issues. Keeping our bodies in motion helps us stay focused and aware which leads to a safer work environment. In the video above, Safety Officer Federico demonstrates the stretches listed below.

Desk Stretches
One per working hour to keep you moving

1st Hour: Touch your toes – 5 seconds, 3 times

2nd Hour: Tip-toes and stretch up – 5 seconds, 3 times

3rd Hour: The Twist – rotate body to the left and right, 5 seconds, 3 times

4th Hour: The March – knee towards chest, 10 times

5th Hour: Neck stretch – tilt head back and sideways, 5 seconds, 3 times

6th Hour: The Ballerina – feet apart, arm over head, reach towards opposite side, 5 seconds, 3 times

7th Hour: The Hand Hold – grab hand and pull towards you until you feel a stretch, 5 seconds, 3 times

8th Hour: The Banana – lean, arching your back, 5 seconds, 3 times

9th Hour: The Shrug – roll your shoulders, 5 times

10th Hour: Scratch my back – touch opposite shoulder blade, 5 seconds, 3 times

11th Hour: Squat 10 times

12th Hour: The Penguin – walk sideways around chair without swaying, 3 times