christopher Launches Comprehensive Training Program

Here at christopher, we believe we are not only providing civil engineering, surveying, planning and landscape architecture services, but serving as a trusted advisor to our clients. All of that starts with training our employees – not only in their respective disciplines but also to be leaders, innovators and strategic thinkers in our industry and the community.

With that goal in mind, christopher is proud to introduce a training and professional development program for our staff tied to career path objectives. This program is designed to make christopher the place where people want to work, and the company that people want to work with.

The benefits of the program are two-fold:

  • Providing our staff with an ‘ever-learning’ environment, keeping them engaged and challenged in their position with clear paths for growth; and
  • Keeping christopher at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology, technique and innovation

This program, known as ‘christopher, Elevate’, delivers a well-rounded approach to professional development. Opportunities include earning re-certification credits, identifying meaningful external training, determine or create best practice, advancing our technical capabilities and development of both management and leadership competencies.  Elevate will also provide opportunities for our staff to develop and deliver their own discipline-based training.

This week we rolled out Empower, what we believe to be one of the most impactful aspects of the program: ongoing sessions for our entry-level staff designed to provide a foundation for growth by building in elements of mentorship, operational guidance, technical training and relationship-building skills.

We are excited for the opportunities this program will create, both for our employees to learn and grow and for our clients to reap the benefits. Stay tuned for more on christopher, Elevate!

Press Play to learn more about Empower, the first program in the Elevate series!