Connecting with… 2019!

Our people add the most value to our firm. We celebrate our people (once a month) with our connecting with christopher campaign. One of our favorite questions to ask is “what keeps you here at christopher?” Here are the answers that state, in their own words, what our employees enjoy about the christopher way.

Moustafa Qaddora: The main thing that keeps me here at christopher is the transparency from my supervisors. My team has a bi-weekly team meeting to go over workload, goals, issues and other topics related to our team and to christopher as a whole, which gives me a chance to learn from others’ projects, as well as think of my work load.

Ann Germain:  I enjoy the people and the culture, sort of a work hard-play hard and do what it takes team mentality.

Will Ramsey: christopher is a place that has allowed my creativity to flourish as well as integrate my proclivity to utilize technology into our workflow and deliverables. This has made working here very dynamic and interesting as we strive to offer products and services that show our agility within the changing market. My continual professional growth and the support of my teammates keeps me going!

Laurie Beth: The diversity of project types since I enjoy working at a variety of scales and utilizing different skills.  Also, the encouragement to further your knowledge through internal and external training.  Education is important to me and there is always more to learn.

Federico Tersoglio: The people. Throughout all my 23 years with christopher, I have taken, received and sought out opportunities; it’s the people within christopher that have always encouraged, assisted and stood by me throughout.

Fares Aoun: The teamwork and the leadership. Everyone is friendly, and I like being in an environment where we’re all working together. The leadership at christopher consultants is strong and responsive. They do a good job of presenting the company’s goals and planning the direction of the firm.  It’s a pleasure to be somewhere knowing that good work is appreciated and that one can earn and receive more responsibility. And as much as I try to work and prepare ahead, rush deadlines on projects do come up, but since we’re all pulling together, I even enjoy that.

Dan Linthicum: Being given an opportunity to be a leader of a career that I started more than 30 years ago and am passionate about. Working with my young field team as their mentor in helping make them successful invigorates me and keeps me feeling young. I have a great working relationship with my Principal, Chris Fillmore, and time spent feels less like work and more like time with family.

Tiffany Caceres: The atmosphere/people/culture. The ‘team’ mentality. Everyone is open and friendly and genuinely tries to help when help is needed. The opportunities to grow and learn through training and other events is also a great plus.

Colin McCann: The Starbucks coffee in the kitchen mostly… oh and my coworkers aren’t too bad either! I like how everyone treats each other with mutual respect and are generally open to new ideas and ways of doing things.