Connecting with… Colin McCann

Colin McCann, PLA

Name: Colin McCann
Title: Landscape Architect
Started at christopher: 2018
Current Town: Washington, DC
Alma Mater: Virginia Tech
Favorite DC tourist destination: Dumbarton Oaks Gardens
Favorite app: Trello, because it helps keep me organized. If you haven’t used it yet, check it out
If I had three wishes: Design something with Tadao Ando, see the Eagles win another Super Bowl, abolish the IRS
If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life: Tacos
On Saturday you can find me: Around the city or on weekend trips with friends/family

Colin’s life at christopher

Name a project you have enjoyed working on and why?
CM: Paul VI redevelopment has been great. We’re turning a Catholic High School into a mixed-use community development, including retail, an anticipated brewery and urban park, as well as housing for many income levels and lifestyles with pocket parks and trails throughout. I’ve gotten to know a lot of my great coworkers on the engineering side in different offices, as well as work with historians on interpretive signage that will be installed around the community touching on aspects of the site’s history.

A historic tree saved by Colin

What does a typical day of work look like for you?
CM: Every day is a bit different, which I like. Sometimes I’m meeting on site trying to solve a constructability issue, and sometimes I’m chipping away answering comments received from submissions. My favorite days are when I’m working on the initial project visioning/conceptualization where we take the client’s ideas and goals and start to make them come to life.

What keeps you at christopher?
CM: The Starbucks coffee in the kitchen mostly… oh and my coworkers aren’t too bad either! I like how everyone treats each other with mutual respect and are generally open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

What is your favorite company event, and why?
CM: Summer cornhole lunches, though I can’t say I’ve won one yet.

What is the best piece of advice you could offer someone considering a career in landscape architecture?
CM: Sketch, know your plants and always protect your reputation – it’s a small field.