Connecting with… Dan Linthicum

Dan Linthicum

Name:  Danny (Dan) Linthicum
Title:  Field Coordinator, Associate
Started at christopher:  April 2014
Current Town:  Frederick, Maryland
Alma Mater: University of Maryland
Favorite DC tourist destination: Washington Monument
Favorite app: survLogic – it makes my scheduling of field crews easy and allows me to work on what I need to
If I had three wishes:

  • I-270 traffic to open and drivers to stop texting and driving
  • Four-day work weeks
  • Continue to help christopher’s profitability

If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life: fish and broccoli
On Saturday you can find me: at the gym

Dan’s life at christopher

Name a project you have enjoyed working on and why?
DL: For the past five years I have been able to see the DMV through the eyes of a Senior Crew Chief and Field Coordinator. I have been blessed to work with some amazing clients on truly innovative and foundational projects. From the African American Museum through the tunnels of WMATA, I can list dozens of enjoyable projects. However, out of all of these, Back River Sanitary Sewer Plant in Baltimore has been the best experience. I enjoy working with our clients in solving some tough and challenging questions and problems. The Clark Construction team at Back River and I have a great working relationship, and that is what I truly enjoy.

Winner of our annual “guess how many candies” Valentine’s Day Contest!

What does a typical day of work look like for you?
DL: I have always been an early riser. I get up at 3:30am each morning, make my lunch and coffee and hit the 270 corridors before traffic gets too bad. I am at the office by 5:20am preparing my field teams for an exciting day. Once they depart, I spend time answering emails before starting to Q/C the field work from the day prior. Throughout the day I continue to build relationships with clients and take their field requests to provide them a turnkey solution for the work they need us to complete. Ensuring that each client’s work gets done in a timely manner is very important to me, so I am always looking for innovative ways to fit their work on the field schedule. I spend time with my office leader and team ensuring that my field crews are providing the work necessary for their day.  By the time I leave at 3:30pm, the field crews have returned or are returning and brief me on the work completed for the day.

What keeps you at christopher?
DL: Being given an opportunity to be a leader of a career that I started more than 30 years ago and am passionate about. Working with my young field team as their mentor in helping make them successful invigorates me and keeps me feeling young. I have a great working relationship with my Principal, Chris Fillmore, and time spent feels less like work and more like time with family.

What is your favorite company event, and why?
DL: Company Picnic. Simply put, good food, great drinks and camaraderie.

White Elephant 2018

What is the best piece of advice you could offer someone considering a career in surveying?
DL: The struggles are real. Surveying technologies make our jobs easier, but still require the core knowledge and principals that should never be taken for granted. Experience is a virtue that is built over time.  Doing something one or two times does not make you an expert and being willing to ask questions is not a flaw, but a good thing.