Nestled on the Kingdom of Spain’s coast off the Atlantic Ocean, about an hour north of the Straits of Gibraltar, lies the Naval Base Rota at the Gateway of the Mediterranean. This impressive naval installation was home to christopher consultants’ team of Federico Tersoglio, Conor Furey and Connor Patrick for several weeks while providing field surveying and 3D scanning services to our client, Wiley|Wilson. Dimitri Payne from our partner company, Utility Professionals Inc (UPI), also attended to provide underground utility designation services.

After traversing through the Atlantic Ocean for over 4,000 miles, the team landed near Rota, Spain. They then secured instruments from a local survey vendor before being able to begin work within the installation. The team successfully completed the work within schedule and met the project goals. Before departing for the US, they donated their PPE, materials and tools to the Self Help Program, which capitalizes on the skill levels and manpower of Navy personnel to perform minor maintenance and save the Navy money.

“We are excited to be given an opportunity to provide surveying services internationally and goes to show you where an existing relationship with a great client can take you,” states Chris Fillmore, Principal. “We have great staff that volunteered for this effort and applaud them for being instrumental in this travel. We are excited to see where this can take us!”