Connecting with… Federico Tersoglio

Name: Federico Tersoglio

Federico Tersoglio

Title: Director of Estimating/Safety Officer
Started at christopher: December 14th, 1995
Alma Mater: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Favorite DC tourist destination: National Museum of African American History and Culture – “We help build, they will come”
Favorite app: Spotify
If I had three wishes:
I. Have all my family and that of my wife living here in the USA
II. That my two boys get to travel as much as I did
III. Play one more round of golf with my mother, father and brother
If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life: Parrilla Argentina (ask for it at the Knife in Potomac Mills)
On Saturday you can find me: Working the honey-do list (indoor & outdoor) and house repairs and improvements

Federico’s life at christopher

Federico serving in the US Army

Why is keeping christopher safe important to you?
FT: I’m a front-line combat U.S. Army Veteran. Bringing everybody home is not just a motto, it’s a way of life. Keeping everybody safe is a rewarding feeling and providing the training and knowledge to those with whom we spend so many hours at work is a gratifying task.

What does a typical day of work look like for you?
FT: For well over a decade now, my day at the office has started around 5:45 AM. Construction estimates and survey proposals along with addressing any safety matters take most of the work hours. Reaching out to clients and staying current on their projects and needs also play an essential part of my duties. I strive to always make myself available to their calls, emails and needs.

What keeps you at christopher?
FT: The people. Throughout all my 23 years with christopher, I have taken, received and sought out opportunities; it’s the people within christopher that have always encouraged, assisted and stood by me throughout.

What is your favorite company event, and why?
FT: The annual summer company picnic. My first Chesapeake Bay crab was at our yearly summer company picnic. I had to be taught how to eat it. This event allows you to spend time with those whom you work with at an out-of-office environment and meet their families.

 What is one of your biggest accomplishments as Safety Officer?
FT: Being the first company Safety Officer and establishing the foundation of a safety program and culture has been a great point of pride in my career.