In the commercial district within the town of Occoquan exists a brick and stone 4-story condominium built in the 1960s.  Due to drainage issues, the owner approached his friend and consultant, Mike Kitchen, VP of christopher consultants, to get assistance. In July 2018, christopher’s survey team was on the job performing a boundary and topographic survey.

The site presented unique challenges. Decades of land records had conflicting data. Property monumentation along this commercial street were of two varieties, nonexistent or disagreeing. The field conditions consisted of steep sloping topography mixed with tightly developed commercial lots. The solution involved recovering, reviewing, interpreting and using the legacy land record information going as far back as the 1800s to provide a resolution in today’s world.

christopher is proud to have won first place in topographic maps for this project from the Virginia Association of Surveyors. The winning plat we created was a full team effort comprising our experience, discipline knowledge and hard work.  The team of Bill Bradford, Rich Cebrick, Conor Furey, Scott Osburn and Lonny Sturgeon, LS, delivered with confidence. What started out as an ordinary assignment ended up as a thought-provoking and rewarding project.

Our map is now at the national level contending with the country’s best in the National Society of Professional Surveyors 2019 Map/Plat Design Competition.