Earlier this year, christopher was contacted by Han Kuo, an active Boy Scout leader, who was seeking an engineer to provide certification for an Eagle Scout project. The Eagle Scout, Andrew, wanted to build a pedestrian bridge over a small stream on the Rock Ridge High School cross country course in Loudoun County. To complete the project, Andrew needed certification from a professional engineer to state that there would be no rise to the 100-year water surface elevation in the established floodplain area.

Bum Phillips, PE, in our Loudoun office jumped at the chance to give back to his community. He volunteered his time to meet with the Loudoun County Floodplain Manager to get approval to build the pedestrian bridge in the floodplain. Bum also submitted a “no-rise/no-impact” certification with supporting documentation justifying the pedestrian bridge would not adversely affect adjacent properties. Additionally, he guided Han and Andrew through the zoning permit application process.

In mid-May once permits were obtained, the project was given the green light by Loudoun County, and Andrew and his team were able to start building the bridge. Despite heavy thunderstorms followed by intense heat,  they worked tirelessly and completed the bridge on June 9th. All sponsors were wood-burned into the bridge.

Bum and the christopher team were more than happy to donate our time and services for this Eagle Scout project. The Rock Ridge High School cross-country team now has a stable solution to cross the stream.