What is a tick?

A tick is a small, blood-sucking mite that normally lives on blood from larger animals. The tick sits on tall grass and trees, waiting for a possible “host” (such as a human!) to walk by. If a tick attaches itself to someone, it will typically find its way to a warm, moist and dark place on the body, like the crotch or the armpit. Often the person carrying the tick is completely unaware it is attached to them. A tick on the body usually doesn’t cause any pain, but it is still important to get rid of it because of the risk of Lyme disease or other infections.

Tick Removal

Everyone seems to have their own trick for removing a tick. Contrary to popular belief, holding a match to the tick, suffocating it with petroleum jelly, or poisoning it with nail polish only makes it burrow in more deeply. The correct solution is also the easiest: simply pull it off your skin.

Follow these easy steps for removal and the tick will soon be a distant memory.


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