Safety Rating Stays Below 1 for Two Consecutive Years

christopher is pleased to announce that our latest Experience Modification Rate (EMR) rating is .80. Through considerable effort from our Safety Officer, Federico Tersoglio, as well as a day-to-day focus on safety by our production and corporate teams, our rating has remained under 1.0 for two consecutive years.

An EMR rating, evaluated by a firm’s insurance company, represents past claims experience and accounts for future chance of risk. An EMR rating of 1.0 is considered an industry standard; below 1.0 is considered exceptional. As claims filed remain on an EMR record for three years, a low score demonstrates both a continued, concerted focus on safety by the firm and an absence of excessive workplace injury over the past three years.

In addition to lack of injuries, christopher credits our low rating with ongoing safety communications throughout the firm, education and enforcement of safety regulations by our Safety Officer and personal accountability of the whole team. Over the past 4 years, christopher has focused on aggressive slip and fall prevention that go above and beyond industry requirements. This and other safety policies are reinforced through verbal, visual and digital communication. Our office and production staff also play a vital role in keeping accidents at a minimum by observing safety requirements while making site visits or safely utilizing vehicles on behalf of the business.

This rating reflects our continued dedication to the safety and security of our employees, as well as our commitment to providing the best possible product to our clients. We’d like to recognize everyone who has contributed to making this possible over the past several years.

Keep up the good work!