As we close out our 35th year in business, we are reminded of all of the relationships that we have celebrated this year, from our oldest clients to our up and coming young leaders. christopher’s continued success is built on these relationships.

Relationship building as a company starts at the most fundamental level, our relationship with our employees and coworkers. So what is it that we have built over these past 35 years? We went to our employees to find out what they think christopher stands for, and asked each of them to describe our company in one word. Here are some of their most popular answers.

christopher values relationships with both employees and clients. We strive to strengthen relationships with employees through open, collaborative work environments which foster personal and professional growth. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities for continued education and mentorship.

We hope that our clients benefit from the tenure of its employees, many of whom have worked for christopher their whole careers. Clients are able to build relationships with their christopher contacts and know that they will be working with the same person on a project from start to finish.

The long tenure of our employees also contributes to the level of expertise christopher brings to each project and the high quality of their deliverables.

We hope to live up to these words as we continue to build relationships in years to come. We look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary still working with all of you that have helped make us great.

And as we begin 2018, we hope you will continue to partner with us as we focus on engaging with our employees, clients and the other professionals in our field!  Happy New Year!