Amendments to Proffers Will Facilitate Economic Growth in the County

On October 17th, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors voted on a series of zoning and DCSM changes that will facilitate commercial development in Prince William County.

The Board voted to approve changes related to minor modifications to proffers and Special Use Permit conditions as well as changes to Special Uses and Use-Related Development Standards. Both of these amendments will help smooth the process for commercial development in Prince William County by eliminating the need for public hearings for minor changes to approved projects and for certain uses in commercial and industrial districts.

Proposed amendments to allow administrative flexibility in buffers required for small commercial projects has been deferred to January to allow staff to work with industry and citizen organizations on the final language of the changes.

Take Part in the Discussion

The County has scheduled meetings to allow discussion of opinions on the amendments. Those meetings will take place:

Wednesday, November 8, 6:00PM   
Board Chambers
1 County Complex Ct
Woodbridge, VA 22192
Wednesday, November 29, 6:00PM  
5 County Complex Ct
Room 107
Woodbridge, VA 22192
For more information

christopher has been following the process closely and believes the amendments will allow progress on commercial development within the County. Additional questions can be directed to christopher’s Vice President of Land Development, Mike Kitchen, at