Eleven Oaks – Fairfax City, VA

When we think about the longevity of our trusted clients and partners, there is one name that must be on the list – Russell Rosenberger.

Russ has truly been with our company from its beginning. When christopher consultants was founded, in September of 1982, the initial Board of Directors was made up of only three members – Chris Brown, our founder; his wife; and Russ Rosenberger.

Fast forward from those start-up days and we find that 35 years later, Russ and christopher are still working together.

Russ, now President of real estate development company Madison Homes, has been a trusted colleague and active participant with our firm for all of its 35-year history. This participation has taken many forms – Board member; client; mentor; and most importantly, friend.

“For over 25 years we have worked with Madison Homes and Russ’s positive, get it done attitude and professional common sense approach to complex projects extends deep into the roots of our company, from our leadership to administrative support,” says Chris Brown.

Projects christopher and Madison Homes have worked on or completed over the decades have included Eleven Oaks, the Old Post Office and the redevelopment of the Northfax site in the City of Fairfax; Huntington Mews, Hearthstone Mews, Heritage Mall redevelopment and McLean Village in Fairfax County; and in the early days before redevelopment was “cool”, the redevelopment of the old Portner’s Brewery site into the Portner’s Landing residential community in North Old Town Alexandria.

In addition to working together on projects, christopher and Madison Homes share a joint commitment to the communities where they live and work. This philosophy is evident in the activities and awards of the two parties.

Russ is a past President of NVBIA (1993) and has served on the board alongside christopher executives including Bill Zink, Bill Goldsmith, Lou Canonico, Mike Kitchen, Kevin Washington, Andy Gorecki, Chris Brown and John Levtov. Russ’s commitment to affordable housing in the area is evident in his activities at Home Aid where he was recently the recipient of the Presidents’ Award. christopher has supported Home Aid on numerous products starting with their first one in Fairfax County, The Alternative House, a temporary home for teenage girls in trouble.

His activities provide an example for community service that christopher has also followed all its existence. That commitment has led to christopher being awarded many accolades including Firm of the Year by NAIOP.

A commitment to the community and to relationships that last has made Russ and christopher a winning combination.