The AlexRenew Administration Building Achieves Highest LEED Rating

The Alexandria Renew (AlexRenew) Administration Building has become the fifth project in Alexandria to reach LEED Platinum certification. At least eighty points must be awarded to obtain Platinum rating, and this project earned an impressive eighty-five by Green Business Certification, Inc.

christopher consultants provided civil engineering and surveying services for the design of the AlexRenew Administration Building, which is adjacent to the soccer field and fronts on Limerick Street. Rust|Orling provided architectural and interior design services. Additionally, our survey team provided full construction stakeout support for Clark Construction. This project is part of a major development initiated by Alexandria Renew Enterprises.

The project involved construction of a state-of-the-art Nutrient Management Facility and related buildings on the west side of the AlexRenew campus. The truly innovative design disguises the 18-million-gallon Nutrient Management Facility underneath a new multi-purpose athletic field. The new facility allows AlexRenew to better manage the biological treatment process that removes nitrogen from wastewater. Large concrete holding tanks, a pump station, electrical facilities and an odor control system work in tandem to produce water that meets all environmental standards and helps in the effort to clean and renew the Chesapeake Bay.

LEED Platinum certification was achieved through a collaborative effort. The christopher team provided technical guidance for stormwater quantity and quality. High-efficiency envelope and glazing, daylight harvesting, demand-control ventilation, and a high-efficiency magnetic-bearing centrifugal chiller are just a few other aspects contributing to the high rating.

The Alexandria Renew Administration Building is not only making headlines for its method of treating and providing clean water more effectively, it is also a carefully planned and thoughtful addition to Alexandria, as the major recreation and park area is set to transform the surrounding community.