Long Bridge Park, Arlington, VA

christopher takes pride in the fact that all of our offices and divisions function as one cohesive team to deliver the best service to our clients. And when we are subconsultants on a project, we function as an extension of that firm, and a part of that cohesive team.

This method is especially important with our general contracting clients. Working on a project with a GC means seeing the project through many steps, juggling multiple tasks and coordinating with various team members. We enjoy project success with many GC firms by working together as a cohesive team. One great example of this is our featured client for July, Donohoe Construction Company.

Hilton at The Wharf, Washington, DC

christopher and Donohoe have worked together on dozens of projects over the last fifteen years, forming strong relationships and an understanding between the two companies that results in our working together as one firm, and providing a successful and positive result.

Whether christopher’s teams are working on a project with Donohoe in Virginia, Maryland or the District of Columbia, the relationship between our two firms remains strong. From Donohoe’s field staff to project management, Donohoe partners with christopher’s survey staff during every phase. We know we can count on the same responsiveness, quality work and smooth communication that we enjoy with Donohoe no matter who is representing them and they can expect the same from us.

                                                                                                                    Robinson Landing, Alexandria, VA

One example of this is site superintendent John Body. John, Senior Superintendent at Donohoe, is a seasoned veteran of the construction industry whose knowledge of the industry and leadership skills stand out.

“The first time I had the pleasure of working with John was for a project we were teaming with Donohoe on about eight years ago,” said christopher Senior Associate and Partner Chris Fillmore. “I noticed immediately his passion and determination.  He knew everything that was going on with the project, at all times and he wanted all of his subconsultants and contractors to have the same passion.”

Although they call on us for our expert opinion in engineering and surveying, John and the Donohoe team are knowledgeable enough to speak our language and keep the whole team on the same page.

No matter who we are working with or what the project is, when Donohoe is on the team we know we will function as one cohesive team. And that has been the secret to over a decade of successfully completed projects.