christopher’s 20 Year History with IDI Group Companies

  Lansdowne, 1987

As a family-owned company for multiple generations, IDI Group Companies has always treated their partners like family. christopher consultants has been lucky to be a part of that family for nearly 30 years.

christopher began working with IDI in the mid 90s. The opportunity arose on the Lansdowne project – while IDI had an engineering firm they enjoyed working with in Maryland, they needed someone with local experience to join them at Lansdowne.

Groundbreaking at The Enclave, November 2016

A staff member at Xerox Realty, the owner/developer of Lansdowne recommended christopher, and IDI decided to give us a chance. Well respected in their communities, IDI appreciated the importance of a good reputation. christopher worked closely with IDI in establishing many firsts on this project. For example, they helped draft a new section of the zoning ordinance to allow “Aged Restricted Residential” as a separate use. christopher worked closely to resolve a number of issues that arose from having the first high rise buildings, i.e. 10 stories, in Loudoun County.

When christopher engineers, surveyors and planners helped their project to be hugely successful, at Lansdowne, IDI decided to stick with them for the next local project, and the next, until christopher became part of that IDI family. Since that first project, we have been extremely pleased and honored to work with IDI on many additional projects including The Enclave, Paul VI High School, and the Strand.

“We have enjoyed having christopher as a part of our subconsultant family. We know we can count on quality work from them, on time and on budget,” said Pat Rhodes, Vice President at IDI.

Like christopher, IDI has had success over the years by focusing on maintaining great relationships with their clients and partners. We look forward to many more years of working together even after the next generation takes over!